Green Clean for High performance and Healthier living with Magic Green Plan

In addition to conventional commercial cleaning services, MagicScrubbers offers green cleaning alternative through our Magic green plan. These can be applied in part or for all of your cleaning services, based on your business environment and preference.

The green cleaning goes beyond chemical and equipment choices. It includes  procedures, training , policies and efforts that minimize the impact of cleaning materials on the health of facility,occupants and protect the environment entirely.For instance, the regular cleaning solutions tend to be abrasive ,wearing out surfaces over time and diminishing the longevity of your facility and your furnishings. Also, some chemical solutions can affect those with great sensitivity.

A green environment is healthier and safer . Green cleaning ensures a better maintained facility, improved indoor air quality within your place of business, benefiting your employees and visitors. 

Research has shown that improving the In door Environmental Quality of a building improves employee performance, reduces allergen reactions and reduces absenteeism along with other building related health concerns. Workers are more productive in a “green clean” environment. In a conventional office this can equate to significant savings through minimizing loss of productivity.On request, MagicScrubbers through the “Magic green plan” can remove these harmful particles using a low impact technology such as High-capture HEPA filter, Recycled products ,Sustainable, low-emission green cleaner

Why Go Green?

The Benefits of Green Cleaning Your Facility

Many more companies are investing in green cleaning, the benefits of going green are becoming increasingly clear. Products and equipment with a low environmental impact can help:

  • Sustain the planet
  • Improve health and productivity
  • Create value for business and property owners
  • Boost return on investment in the form of lower costs
  • Provide environmental sustainability
  • Increase efficiency with more frequent but less time-consuming cleaning
  • Green Cleaning can also reduce costs and increase the lifespan of the facility by extending carpet and hard floor life.

For the conservation of natural resources and the creation of a better future for our children, going green remains the best choice.