Post-construction cleaning

Building construction whether new or renovation brings up a lot of dust, dirt, and debris which can be difficult to clean up .We know that you want your facility to be in pristine condition before move in. MagicScrubbers offers post construction cleaning services through a special technique which take out the dust and debris completely, leaving the interior looking good. . Our attention to details in areas such as cabinets, light fixture, trims and many other fixtures will make your building clean, comfortable and looking good from ceiling to floor. Also,we are able to collaborate with your contractors and service providers to ensure deadlines are met. Before we leave the project, we will do a walk around the facility with you to ensure we have met your expectation.

Our Post-Construction Services Include:

  • Cleaning cabinets and drawers
  • Cleaning counter tops, sinks and polishing fixtures
  • Cleaning and sanitizing restrooms, kitchens and break rooms
  • Cleaning and restoration of wood, tile, stained concrete and vinyl composition
  • Vacuuming carpets and/or carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning mirrors, windows and window tracks
  • Cleaning baseboards, ceilings and vents
  • Sweeping, scraping, power washing and/or hosing off stairs, landings, walks, decks and patios
  • Removing interior trash and debris